Sunday, July 17, 2016

GopherCon 2016 - A recap

I had the opportunity to attend GopherCon 2016 in Denver. It's been an amazing week at the Colorado Convention Center.


I attended to very interesting talks during the two days of the actual GopherCon. Here is a recap of several impressed talks:


Understanding nil - Francesc Campoy

The opening keynote was by Francesc Campoy who doesn't need any introduction because he is the one of the Google Cloud Platform Podcast Hosts. He started his talks about understanding nil in Golang. Please check it out to understand what nil is.

Go for Data Science - Daniel Whitenack

Data Scientist codes Python to analyze some data and modeling. Go for Data Science tells that it's possible to code Golang for analyzing.

Don't Just Check Errors, Handle Them Gracefully - Dave Cheney

See this article

The Go Gopher: A Character Study - Renée French

Renée French is creator and designer of the Gopher. She talked with the Gopher character. Especially how does he hold that champagne glass (that image is familiar by the GopherGala.

Gopher model

Practical Advice for Go Library Authors - Jack Lindamood

Practical Advice for Go Library Authors

Panel Discussion - Dave Cheney (Moderator)

IMG 2965

Hack a Day!

On the last day of the GopherCon, there was an optional hack day with hackathons and workshops carried out.

We absolutely can't wait for GopherCon 2017 in Denver!!

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